Logistics is often overlooked in the sense of how significant it is to our every day lives as all products or goods are transported through a form of logistics. There is a constant need for the transportation of freight to assure products are delivered promptly. Companies utilizing a 3PL have the ability to negotiate rates, employ drivers and provide access to top tiered technology. Working with a specific 3PL can provide many opportunities as selecting a primary 3PL to use will be critical to the success and development of your company and the distribution of goods. 3PL are predominately transactionally focused and outsource the desired transportation methods and various functions. We are going to take a closer look at some of the key functions of a 3PL and how it has the ability to reconstruct a supply chain.

One: Technology Management System

  • When selecting the proper 3PL to use it is essential that the 3PL company uses a technology management system. Technology management system (TMS) is important to the success of the delivery of the freight as it has the ability to track real time deliveries, providing the necessary data to make critical decisions about the transport of the freight. It is important to understand that prices may vary depending on the selected carrier and the duration of the transportation. Most 3PLs have a dashboard that is visible to customers so they can see the predicted range of cost to deliver the load while deciding on a carrier.

Two: Modal Knowledge

  • 3PL companies are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to multimodal experience by finding solutions to new challenges and adhering to delivery request of their customers. A full service 3PL company has access to all types of carriers and different transportation methods that can be sure to develop a unique logistics solution for your needs.

Three: Carries and Relationships

  • A prominent carrier network is indispensable to the supply chain of a company. Often times shippers require a certain lane to transport freight. Often issues such as a shortage of drivers, raising gas prices and the weather can factor into a company’s ability to get the freight moved effectively. Working with a 3PL they have already established good relationships with their carriers to guarantee that whenever and wherever a shipment needs to be delivered they have the tools and resources to ensure the freight gets transported on time whereas not using a 3PL not have provide the same guarantee as they have not previously established the connections with the carriers.

Four: Solutions of a Supply Chain

  • An established 3PL provider creates various strategies for their carriers in order to produce a successful supply chain initiative. A successful 3PL works to engage as an important asset for our customers by creating a certain level of control over the entire operation to ensure all requests are completed. Utilizing a 3PL can offer a variety of services that others may not have the time to manage or the ability to complete in a timely manner. A 3PL will maximize all of their available resources to provide a service to loads booked while also tracking the pick-ups and delivery to allow for constant communication throughout the shipment of the freight.

Five: Reconstruction of Supply Chain

  • Perhaps the most important element of a 3PL is to provide a strong relationship between the carriers and the shipper customers. This is correctly executed by finding a successful 3PL or logistics company with the best technology and most experienced team of operations coordinators to provide the best experience and service to both customers and carriers. At TOP Worldwide, our goal is to be an innovator in the supply chain industry by working to service all modes of supply chain and building the relationships with a shipper customers and carriers to assure we are and will continue to be one of the best 3PL provides out there.

If these steps are implemented into a supply chain business, a partnership with a 3PL has been initiated then the continued process of managed freight and delivery can provide peace of mind to the shipper carriers as this process will improve the process of operation in the supply chain business while at the same time providing the business a competitive advantage amongst competitors.