Transportation Management

  • Create operational reporting
  • Day-to-day shipment management, exception and audit reports
  • Leverage tactical reports
  • Develop, schedule and automate distribution of strategic reports
  • Transportation spend, accrual reports, missed opportunities, dispatcher key performance indicators, (KPIs), and Carrier KPIs
  • Available smart phone interface
  • Receive proofs-of-delivery online
  • Access data by any known reference, such as Pro number, Order number & Booking number
  • Track all loads across all modes from a single interface
  • Provide visibility to tracking information down to the item level

Any Time, Any Place

  • Multi-Mode (Parcel, Air Freight, LTL, TL, Intermodal, Rail, Ocean)
  • Instant Global Access By Web Portals & Smart Phones (iPhone, Android, & Blackberry)
  • Advanced Optimization & Decision Support
  • Any Geography, Domestic or International
  • Integrated Settlement, Reporting and Advanced Analytics
  • Easy to Use & Easy to Integrate with Existing Enterprise Applications

Track and Trace

  • Live tracking and tracing for all of your loads
  • Login and track your own loads in real time
  • Get real time data on transit times
  • Keep track of average lane spend in real time