In today’s world of logistics, ensuring that all freight is delivered and picked up on time is an important element to maintaining customer satisfaction and building a good brand reputation for the carriers. We have conducted some research to provide ways that utilizing expedited freight for shipping along with air freight can have positive impacts on a business.  

1: Guarding Premium Freight: Using the expedited shipping method to deliver freight can ensure that the cargo is going to be delivered as quickly as possible. Expedited shipping can be a best method for a new business to deliver their cargo to ensure everything arrives in a quick manner. This is also the ideal shipping method when the freight contains important or expensive items that need to be delivered safely. 

2: Limits the Fear of Damaged Items: One of the biggest advantages of choosing to use expedited shipping is that is a direct delivery. Often times when there is a less than load, a driver can pick up an additional freight to have a full truckload, however this can come with additional stops as both freights need to be delivered to separate locations. Using expedited shipping is a guarantee that your freight will be delivered straight to the destination, while also decreasing the chances of the freight getting misplaced or damaged throughout the process. 

3: Saves Money on Other Logistics Expenses :Choosing to have your cargo delivered through expedited shipping can allow for a reduction in funds used on packaging materials as expedited shipping is quicker and more prone to preventing damage to the goods. Once businesses choose to ship by expedite, they see a lower in packaging costs ultimately saving the business money and still ensuring packages are delivered promptly. Shipping items via expedite saves additional funds on storage costs as switching predominantly to expedite shipping can allow a business to stock inventory based on pending orders and can illuminate the need to pay for additional storage of products. 

4: Improved Customer Experience: One of the biggest reasons companies opt to deliver freight with expedited shipping is to ensure the freight is delivered without any complications. Often times a load is ordered and needs to get to its delivery as quick as possible as it is needed at a specific time. Doing this helps to improve efficiency in a business and build up satisfaction amongst customers who will hopefully choose to only do business with you afterwards.  

5: International Delivery: When having freight that requires to be shipped internationally air freight can be a huge asset as there are no limitations when it comes to where your freight needs to be delivered. Air freight can also ensure that everything is delivered quickly. 

6: Trustworthy: One of the most important things when working with various carriers and services is to understand their rating for how dependable they are. Choosing to use an air freight service can assure that you are working with a 3PL that can get your freight delivered with clear communication throughout the delivery and shipping process.  

7: Save Money on Insurance Premiums: Cargo insurance is required when using a freight forward service. Deciding to ship cargos through air freight services allows for a cheaper cost on necessary insurance as air freight is the fastest method of shipping and provides lower insurance premiums.  

8: Appeal to A Wider Customer Base :The biggest advantage of selecting either expedited shipping or air freight can have on your business is the ability to offer services internationally. Utilizing these shipping methods allow businesses to take on new international clients and help build their consumer base. This also creates an opportunity to promote products globally which can help build brand recognition. 

9: Speed :The most common use of shipping cargos through either expedite or air freight is that the packages will arrive at the earliest predicted arrival time. If you have a cargo that needs to ship from Maine to Mexico it will take days for a driver to arrive at the drop off point but choosing to send the cargo through air freight can get your shipment delivered with time to spare. 

10: Tracking Methods : Often times when freight is delivered by road trucking, not all trucks use a tracking system for the dispatching company to pin point their exact location. Choosing to use an air freight service to have your shipment delivered usually has the tracking information on the application or receipts from most companies. This is a huge advantage for companies who have been left in the dark about the status of their shipment from companies or carriers not using a tracking method. 

11:  Adaptability: When selecting an air freight service, you have the ability to change the delivery and route of your projected shipment. Shippers typically have up to 24 hours prior to the departure of their shipment to rearrange the products being delivered. Having the ability to be flexible in the event something occurs is a huge selling point for a lot of businesses. 

Ultimately, the biggest factor in the success of air freight and expedited shipping is the sense of peace of mind it provides, ensuring all deadline are met, decreasing the money spent on packaging expenses and lets an organization better prepare for the future. Selecting an air freight or expedited shipping method will distribute accurate tracking notifications, quicker delivery and a sense of security knowing the package will arrive damaged free.